Melissa Verwest

Programs Committee, DBIA NW – Inland Chapter; Engineering Manager, Knife River Prestress – Spokane Plant; Active Member, SEAW; Board Member, SEFW


Melissa has been a Consulting Structural Engineer in Spokane for 13 years and has experience with industrial applications and specialty engineering including large scale shoring, silo analysis and repair, manufacturing specific structures, large crane support structures, and custom underground utility vaults. She is currently in 11th year teaching Senior Design at Gonzaga University and in 4th year serving on the Design Advisory Board (DAB).  She was a past seat on the Design Advisory Board Council. In May 2018, received the “CEDE Excellence Award“. In, 20014, she worked in Christchurch NZ for four months to help in the rebuild effort and building assessments. In 2015, New Zealand Architecture Interior awarded her with Workplace up to 1,000m2 award. In 2017,  she was recognized with the “Associated General Contractors (AGC) award for Small Projects: Renovation Downtown Spokane” for a project involving the use of precast pieces placed to take the road and earth loads failing the original infrastructure. She is a “Certified Disaster Service Worker –  State of California Safety Assessment Program Government Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES)”. Melissa is also an active member of Structural Engineers Association of Washington (SEAW) In 2019, she joined the Structural Engineers Foundation of Washington (SEFW) Board.